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dsc01400.jpgWelcome to the Mogadore Police Department!

Mogadore Police Dept.
111 Cleveland Avenue
Mogadore, OH 44260
Business line 330.633.4404
Emergency - 911

This section of website is for the local police department to publish their needed information to the public. We appreciate your interest and support for your local police dept. Please keep checking back as we will be adding information to our area as time permits. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Following is a letter from Chief Higgins regarding the procedure for dropping off/picking up students at the schools during the week of March 31 through April 4, 2014.  We encourage drivers to follow the procedures to ensure the safety of our children.

Dear Parents,

In an effort to provide safety and security and maintain vehicular traffic around in and around the schools during the week where busing will stop, I have implemented measures to ensure that these goals are obtained.  During the week of March 31st to April 4th, 2014, please see the following changes are made:

1.  New posting for Herbert Street in front of Somers Elementary.  This area in front of the school will be loading and unloading only.  Drivers will not be permitted to leave their vehicles unattended.  Drivers are asked not to use this area as long term parking.  Drivers are not permitted to double park or stop next to a car parked along the curb and wait an extended period of time for someone to leave a space.  We will continue to enforce dropping off or picking up students on the roadway.

2.  Parking on Hale Avenue from Herbert Street south to the park will not be permitted.  This road must be kept open to keep the flow of traffic moving for those using the park to pick up their children.  Parents are not permitted top stop, pick up or drop off students in this area.

3.  The older students will enter/discharge from the south side of the school and will walk to the park to be picked up.  Parents are encouraged to utilize the parking lots at the park for this purpose.

4.  Police officers will be located in three areas:  Lions Park, the school staff driveway located on Hale and in front of the school on Herbert Street ot provide security and assistance to those in need.  School staff will be located throughout the area wearing bright colored vests to guide students.  School staff will be in constant contact with police via two-way radios.

5.  Those accessing the High School are encouraged to partk in an open parking space withing the school lot.  If a space isnot open, drivers are encouraged to use the police department lot or may line up along the back drive behind the school.  Drivers are also encouraged to use the drive where the buses previously used to pick up students.  Drivers must keep open driveway access into the school from Curtis Street for emergency vehicles.

These changes will be used for this week only to perserve safety.  We are continually evaluating this situation and should changes be implemented, you will be notified.  This is a difficult situation to plan for and I ask for your assistance in helping maintain safety in these areas.  Further information can be viewed at at the Police Department's web site.


Todd F. Higgins, Chief of Police



dsc01412a.jpgThank you Chief Fowler

Chief David Fowler retired August 6, 2013 with 26 years of service with our department and 17 years experience with Portage County Sheriff's Office. Known to many of us effectionately as "Fuzz" (after Fuzzy Zoeller, the professional golfer) and later as "George" for General George Patton (known for speaking his mind). Chief Fowler started with our department in January of 1988 as a patrolman.  Chief Fowler was promoted to Sergeant in April of 1999 and finally promoted to Chief in March 2005. Supported by his beautiful wife, Kathy, the Chief implemented programs designed to reduce crime and gave freedom to his employees to show their ingenuity. Thank you for the many enjoyable years. We hope that you enjoy your retirement and know that we appreciate everything you have done to make Mogadore a safer place to live.

Todd Higgins, Chief of Police 

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